The BIG Event for Marketing and PR 2016

Get Digital How-To and Custom Analysis of Your Website At The BIG Event Oct 28, 2016

The 5th Annual Big Marketing and PR Event in Huntsville on Oct. 28 is a successful one-day workshop, and it offers a lot:
• Local venue
• Affordable price
• Powerful topics that matter to you
• Smart speakers with tactics you can use

So how do you make a good thing better? You make the sessions specific to your digital needs, that’s how.


19DigitalMedia is this year’s presenting sponsor and will host The BIG Event’s digital marketing track – three sessions designed to make your marketing more effective, your campaigns more data-driven, and your budget dollars better spent. Here are the session descriptions:

The Digital Cocktail: Using Data to Make Marketing Decisions
Loni Cleve – Google Certified Trusted Media Adviser with 19DigitalMedia (part of Tribune Media)

THEME: Interpreting your data
LEVEL: Intermediate

You’ve got your Google Analytics up and running – but do you feel confident knowing what the data means? If you hesitated, you’re not alone. Good digital marketing is about so much more than just picking advertising products. To be effective, you need to be empowered to analyze your data and know what it tells you about your business. Loni’s presentation will show lots of website analysis examples to help you learn not only what the data really means, but how to track the right metrics to improve your website rankings and online visibility.

Winning the Biggest Opportunity in the Smallest Moments
Jack Litz, Google Certified Speaker

THEME: Understanding the Customer Mindset
LEVEL: Beginner

How to I find more customers? How do I stand out in a cluttered marketplace? How do I drive sales and grow my business? Jack Litz, who’s worked with 50 of the Fortune 500 companies, says it’s about eliminating steps and anticipating needs. In this engaging session, Jack will help you analyze your mobile search results and mobile customer experience for a full range of consumer needs, wants and curiosities — and suggest ways to adjust if they don’t like what they see. His presentation includes a six-point mobile site usability review.

Deeper Dive into Google Analytics: Applying What You’ve Learned
Layla Stewart, Director of Marketing, Adtaxi, a Google Premiere Partner

THEME: Applying your data for real-world decisions
LEVEL: Advanced

This is a hands-on working session so bring your laptops! Layla scales her global digital perspective to local business needs in this data-packed session. You’ll see step-by-step instructions for taking your data insights and making smart, informed digital decisions. The presentation will be peppered with lots of takeaways and local, real-world business examples.


Attendees will be given the option at registration to tell us they intend to sit in our “Deeper Dive” session. If you do, we’ll prepare a custom packet detailing your website’s strengths and weaknesses to give to you during the final session. Can you get those reviews in other places? Sure. But if you don’t have one, this is a real value. You’ll get your analysis packet at the session and will be encouraged to log in and refer to the custom data during the working session. Want to take it to the next level? Grant us  read-only Google Analytics access to your website for a more advanced report.

No delay. No strings. You can take back the GA access anytime.

Sure, we’ll ask if you want a follow-up meeting. It is, after all, what we do and we want to be transparent about that. But you get the custom packet – with information about your specific website scores and details – just by attending the event. Even if you decline the follow-up. There’s just no downside.

And don’t worry–attendees who do not grant access will still get valuable information from the session.


Destin Sandlin - Smarter Every Day

Copyrighted images used with permission from Destin Sandlin’s “Smarter Every Day”

Destin Sandlin is a Huntsville engineer and international YouTube personality, and he’ll be the event’s lunch keynote speaker. Destin’s YouTube channel Smarter Every Day has over 4 million subscribers! He says he’s happy to fill the void of the “guy with a Southern accent who also happens to help people look at the world differently on YouTube” and he’s done it for various speaker lineups from TEDx to VidCon to the White House. You can read more about Destin Sandlin on his website, and I’m sure you’ll agree he’s got a fascinating brand-building story to tell.


Our advanced sessions are designed for digital professionals working for small businesses, corporations or nonprofits. However, we recognize that many marketing and communication pros also handle digital responsibilities – they will certainly gain important skills if they already have a foundation in the basics. Management, business development staff and consultants will also benefit. We’ll use local business examples liberally in the presentations.

And to be fair, the rest of the day has other great sessions, too: Photography, style guides, social tips for instagram and snapchat, an events panel discussion – even immersive technology, like virtual reality experiences and 360-video, are topics to be covered that day.

Here, take a look at the agenda for The BIG Event.


The BIG Event is a joint, one-day workshop hosted by the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama and the Public Relations Council of Alabama.


Sign up for the full day (8am-3:30pm) through the WBCNA website. They offer discounts for multiple registrations from the same business – so invite the whole office.