2017 Internet Trends & Numbers To Know

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report is out, and mobile, data and relevancy are driving advertiser spend and performance. Here are some highlights from the 255 slide report.

20% of mobile searches are made with voice.

Mobile Ad dollars now exceed desktop, yet…

There should be MORE Ad spend on Mobile. Users spend 28% of their time on mobile, but it only receives 21% of spend. There’s a $16B opportunity for more mobile Ads.

Google and Facebook control 85% of growth for online Ads, and their share keeps increasing.

26% of users that click on a Facebook Ad make a purchase.

Advertisers are demanding better targeting and measurement.

Hyper-local Ads are driving foot traffic, and influencing purchases. Google Location – tagged Ads have tracked 5B store visits.

Incentive based & skippable Video Ads drive positive reactions.

By focusing on community, Content Marketing or a narrow selection of products, new brands are disrupting old industries.

Gaming has gone mainstream with 2.6B quarterly gamers & gamification is slipping into apps, advertising & content.